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newsicon 07.11.07 - New Forums!
New forums have been launched! Due to the previous problems with rampant spambots, we have done away with our old forums, and have upgraded. Join now! Get a free nyc cleaning when you do!

newsicon 03.05.07 - Update!
The new website has been launched! This was a long awaited redesign in order to give the site a fresh new feel... Read more.

newsicon03.04.07 - New commercial Spot 2 - "Gangsta" video is released!
The gang is back in their very own music video spot! Watch as they bump their rides, cap some asses, and raise their bling to this parody spot.

newsicon02.01.07 - New commercial Spot 1 - "Explosions" video is released!
This is a commercial spot for Connect3D using all the crazy and zany characters of the infamous The Pwned Life.

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